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Vicki, along with Yakima Mayor Patricia Byers, is leading the effort to get Yakima County workers back on the job. Vicki knows that the local economy will not heal until stores and businesses are open and people can leave their homes. Winning this battle is her top priority.


Vicki understands business. She grew up in a small-business household and now owns the Yakima Grocery Outlet store with her husband, Dennis. Vicki has signed both sides of a paycheck and understands what it is like to manage employees in a competitive, low-margin industry.

 Vicki is a small-government, low-tax, conservative Republican. She believes that government should provide support and opportunity for those who can and a safety net for those who can't.

Vicki and Dennis have raised their 22-year-old daughter, Lauren, in Yakima. They have been active in a variety of community organizations including Riverside Christian School and Habitat for Humanity.

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